Wati is an enormous coastal city, ancient in origin, in the Osirion Desert.

Population- 58,000, Mostly Human, Dwarf, Goblin, and Lizardfolk.



The Veins

The Trade Harbor and Wharfs of Wati.

Bargetown :

Overwater slums comprised of derelict barges and stilted huts North of the Necropolis.


Poorest Part of Town


Mid Class Part of Town.

Morning Sun:

The very richest part of Wati.

1. Cenotaph of the Cynic : An empty tomb with a dedication to Lord Kol’athuum, who rules the Necropolis from here.

2.The Dry Veins : The hub of trade between Wati and the Necropolis.

3. Getwhabb’s Tarworks : The Tarring facility of Getwhabb, in the Veins.

4.Golden Lake : Enormous pool in front of the Sunburst Market.

5. Grand Masoleum : Great Hall dedicated to the dead rulers of Wati.

6. Hall of Blessed Rebirth : Clerics or Necromancer? Either way the House of Rebirth is dedicated to the new life of dead creatures. Situated between Asp and Midwife.

7. House of Pharaoh: Palace of the Ruler, currently Lord Sodetrun Warbeard, a foreigner. On the Westernmost corner of Wati.

8.Insula Mater: Located just West of the Golden Lake, Curious Complex.

9.Mender’s Row: A street of artisans, craftsmen, and experts on the Southern edge of Wati.

10. Pharasma’s Needle: A Monument dedicated to the hero Pharasma, founder of the Necropolis. An enormous structure.

11.Precinct of Left Eyes: Command tower of the City Spies, just West of the Necropolis.

12.Sanctum of Silver and Gold : Grand tower of The Council of Magi

13.Shrine of Wadjet: Solitary hut on the rivers edge, North of the City.

14.Sunburst Market : Grand Bazaar of Wati, in front of the Sanctum of Silver and Gold.

15.Tahetep’s Dance Hall: Ancient Hall in the Necropolis.

16.Tehrk’s Fine Expeditions: Adventurer’s Shop, on the very Southern edge of Wati.

17.Threshed Souls Fragrances: Luxury Perfumers, in the center of Morning Sun.

18.Tooth & Hookah: Tarven of Ill repute, outside of the Necropolis Walls.

19.Ubet’s Folly: Colossal Crashed Ship on the River, captained by Captain Roddersails.

20.Umbracene Well: Deep Well in the North part of the Necropolis.

21.Vizier’s Hall Home of the Vizier. in the Necropolis.

22.Whispering Stone: Just North of Mender’s Row, a Legendary Rock that may or may not be just a Rock.


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